Monday, May 12, 2008

Fooling Credit Card Provider

Yes, some of the best credit card offers come to you in the mail. This is the general opinion as these cards are mostly pre-approved, which means they are for good credit history and thus are offering some of the most competitive rates and enticing rewards.
I got such a card just yesterday and, oh, yes, it did offer bonus miles and great insurance programs. But one thing I did not like - the huge fees. So, I decided to opt out and I made the right choice!
Now, Folks, if you have not activated a new credit card and you do not like it, feel free to give it up, as it will not hurt your credit score!
Why? Because you have not established credit history with this very plastic, so you have nothing to erase...Opt out of it if you are not sure you can finance it. You will be safe.

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