Friday, December 5, 2008

Black Friday - Really Black

I'm really happy to have missed this year's Black Friday occasion, otherwise I might have been literally dead now. Those who were there shopping and those who were not but saw a shocking video of a trampled worker know what happened there. I promied mayself never to go there again. How can I trust people, maybe my neighbours and even my friends when they are like freaking anumals rushing for a TV or a new notebook?
So why should not I see that it's impossible to stop when there are 2 thousand of others like you behind your back pushing you into the door? Very simple. If more people do the same thing .. just stop at once like a wall, it's more likely the thronng would slow down. If there had only been a will to do it. It's true we are still like animals following our instincts. And we want to help other countries be like us. What a shame

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Big Three's Failure

The CEO of the US leading auto manufacturers are asking Washington for a bailout of $34 billion to keep their business. Am I sorry? Not actually so. Let those "Gods" fail to let them live the life of the rest of us. I am not jealous, really. But if somethins is so awfully bad in their finances, then they are doing wrong business. They seem like they saved on quality of autos they've been foisting on American consumers all these years. Because they personally preferred driving a car to Washington from Detroit, not fly first or business class, would you believe. Most of us really believe, the big three have to go through bankruptcy so that somebody with better ideas pick up their business and make something better of it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Credit Crunch Effects

It took me about 4 years to build up the credit I currently have. The good credit score opened up possibilities to grab best rates and rewards out there in the market. Now it seems like these days of easy credit are gone. Other people's debts force creditors to tighten qualifying standards and raise rates for creditworthy customers. I've recently tried to apply for discover open road card to save on gas but my score was rated as less than perfect. It's not funny at all as it reflects in my credit report hurting my rating even more. I don't see why responsible people should pay for others' mistakes but if we don't how will the country pay off its huge debts?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Economy Slowdawn? No - Deep Crisis

US financial situation is getting worse and there is no sign it is going to come to its end soon. I've never seen so many unemployed people queueing up to the employment agency and i've never thought giant auto makers would ever stop manufacturing. With all this people are still relying on credit cards for their daily expenses. I'm not an exeption, but I do pay my bills in full. Will the crisis finish the era of plastic money or will it survive as a general access to financig? Most experts say, credit cards will only be available to limited few customers who guarantee revenues for the bank. Hard cash will rule things again. While my card's terms are not getting worse, I believe credit cards will continue providing us with quick access to money..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Find Credit Card Fast

credit card application

Some years ago we had to watch TV commercials and check our mail boxes in search of a credit card to pay for everyday needs. Today, with highly developed internet industry and all-round access to its services, you can find credit card that is tailored specially for your needs and lyfestyle with a few clicks on the mouse. I was surprised how much time it saves when you only need to match your personal data with requirements to be redirected to the list of cards potentially interesting for you.
The same is about the online approval, which may be instant once the bank consideres you a good risk. Thanks to special web sites, getting the right credit card became possible. My advice is - do not waste time, phoning or visiting a bank or waiting for a card offer in the mail box. Make your own choice by using the easy and quick online services provided by credit card websites.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ford Autos. Why Overpay?

Recently got interested in Ford vehicles - passenger cars, pickup trucks, minivans and sport utility vehicles. Though I took out a loan for a new auto, I found that 2-year-old models in good condition are just as reliable and can serve just as long. Just look through the web and you'll find numerous resources on Ford used vehicles that are constantly renewing the merchants' stocks with new arrivals. A vehicle chosen will be shipped to you anywhere in the States.
The thing is, you usually pay fortunes for a new auto, whereas a used car purchased at a reliable dealer can save your money while giving the same comfort and safety.
That's advice for savvy spenders. Keep to the motto of reasonable financal behavior and it will pay for itself.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Traditional Auto Loan or a Lease?

I've always been good at counting money but the lack of timely useful information leads to disappointing mistakes. I took out an auto loan for a new Ford Fusion as it attracted me with its improved automatic transmission and increased safety and stylish additions.
Was I doomed to paying back the loan for the next 36 months and overpaying hugely in interest? Was i doomed to having the depreciated car at the end and having to sell or trade it in? That's ridiculous, I wasn't! Had I used a car lease instead of this loan, I would now be saving hundreds of interest and divings towards a new vehicle. It's not a joke. It works just like this. A card lease happens when you rent the car for 3 or more years and then give it back to the leasing company, having paid only 50% of the price of the new auto plus the interest.
Well, may be you won't save very much but paying on a car loan you would definitely overpay. with a car lease, you not only pay back only half of the price, but you also will have your car changed for a new one. No hassle of having to sell or trade in a used car. You'll be able to change cars every 3 years!
Next time, there will be no question as to what type of car financing I should take out.