Friday, December 5, 2008

Black Friday - Really Black

I'm really happy to have missed this year's Black Friday occasion, otherwise I might have been literally dead now. Those who were there shopping and those who were not but saw a shocking video of a trampled worker know what happened there. I promied mayself never to go there again. How can I trust people, maybe my neighbours and even my friends when they are like freaking anumals rushing for a TV or a new notebook?
So why should not I see that it's impossible to stop when there are 2 thousand of others like you behind your back pushing you into the door? Very simple. If more people do the same thing .. just stop at once like a wall, it's more likely the thronng would slow down. If there had only been a will to do it. It's true we are still like animals following our instincts. And we want to help other countries be like us. What a shame

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