Monday, May 19, 2008

Can Plastic Be Enough?

Citibank, Discover and Chase have been residents of my wallet for quite a time already and I haven't applied for a credit card recently. But, I seem to be unable to resist a new temptation.
The thing is I'm going overseas soon, but it is likely to somewhat distressing financially, as all my cards charge foreign currency exchange fees. Well, I never found it unfair, until I knew the Capital One is the only card issuer that exempts customers from this sort of charge.
Who wants to pay when there is a chance not to do it? I'm inclined to save whereever, whenever...
Now I think, will it hurt my credit standing if I venture applying for another plastic? On the other hand, I do not have overdue payments, my score is quite all right..
If I had only two or three cards, I would not hisitate to obtain a no fee card which above all, offers airline miles as rewards.

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