Sunday, August 19, 2007

Toyota Car USA - Truly National

I got one more proof that my choice for Toyota has not gone unjustified. A log-time car compare took me to this particularly brand and now I see that I've made a good investment. What kind of investment would you ask me? Well, no doubt I brought revenues to Toyota Motor Corporation, but it's not only the financial aspect in its first sense.
I also, so to say, conrtibuted to the further developement and flourishment of the company that goes truly national in the light of the latest events. I'll explain. Maybe you know it that lots of US car makers are closing up their plants and are shifting to Asia to make promising investments. Except Toyota! It has stayed in California, continuing to give work to its citizens and make investments in its native country!
But, that's not all. The company is also leaping into such a remote and low-educated area as Tupelo, Mississippi...Toyota hasn't scared the insufficient level of education and, as they say,low quality of healthcare service. The area seems to be lagging if not abandoned...
However, Toyota is making the investment and believes in a light future of its new plant there. It plans on bringing there high paying and stable jobs with health benefits and other security.
As compared to other US-based car companies, Toyota Motor Corporation doesn't look a traitor.
What do you think?

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