Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tired of Noisy and Crowded European Resorts

Ive been to some of the best holiday resorts in Europe, especially I preferred Spain. This year, my rout is gonna be the same - I adore Spain, but being so tired of all the noisy and crowded beaches where you don't really get refreshed like you would visiting your grandparents on their farm if you are happy to have them.
So, now Spain is still my destination but this time a most remout and quiet place is what i'm looking for. Altea seem to be just perfect! staying away from crowds of tourists, Altea is one of the few least developed and exploited places In spain where you can have rest for body and soul. No traffic or huge hotels yet built and you feel like on a different planet, in perfect bliss.
If you are going on a holiday resort and expect the best of it, go to Altea and see you made the right choice.

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