Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Advice for My Friend

I took out a car loan to purchase my Toyota, although I was able to use my rewards card to do that. A traditional loan has always been more secure and less expensive to repay.
However, as my colleague and friend Marta is about to obtain an auto (a Jaguar) and is looking for a most convenient way to pay, my advice for today is: get yourself a credit card to purchase a car (read the article for the standpoint).
Why a plastic? Because Marta is well off enough to repay the debt on her credit card. I advise she uses the card not because she lacks cash to purchase the auto but because she is looking to earning rewards.
A very interesting approach. Some buyers are repoted to really be a success. Will you try?

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Nikie said...

I would use a credit card to purchase a car (honda make) but just cannot choose the one that would suit my credit score that averages a bit less than good. Does it mean I will be denid such a credit card? I have one currently which is from Capital One, but it wont just go.