Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Bad Accident

It's only now that I found enough strengh in myself to drop a line. Last week I had,I guess, one of the most horrible days in all my life. I had a misfortune to watch a really hair-raising car accident involving a 2004 release of Dodge Neon colliding with a Honda, don't know what make of...

The driver in the Dodge died... No airbags helped - they were merely impossible to deploy. To be honest, I think the guy was lucky not to feel the awful pain and pass away on the spot.

The bad intersection with no light did its part.

No one's fault here. And it just terrifies me to think that I can not return home one day when driving to work or just for a fun.

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TruthSeeker said...

That's really awful! You know,people hate to be witnesses to others' deaths, disasters or whatever... They are afraid of being touched by the misfortune of somebody else, they are superstitious. They can not stand the thought that it can happen to them probably, someday. It's human nature. You'd better forget it)