Monday, September 8, 2008

Dark Knight against Joker

I've come across a list of comments on the recent movie The Dark Knight, the continuation of Batman Begins. People argue, I see. Whereas there is no point to argue over in fact. Joker is the character which had me go to the cinema twice after the première. Superb figure, unsurpassed performing...the lasting impression. What is Batman there for? Just to stress the Joker's splendour! No, i do not justify criminality and atrocity but it's just the huge talent of Heath Ledger that keeps me admiring his anti-social actions.
Aslo, some people who are long-standing comic admirers say the new batman is nothing against that Kitten and others and his costume is funny; some others were disappointed by the style expecting a comic-like fairy-tale... Hey, people... what time are we living in? Enough of vanishing into the air, enough of majic external combustion engins! What Nolan shows is reality and it is high time we know what real criminal and heroes can really be.

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