Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Building Credit Anew

I've never been faced with bankruptcy and this is a scaring word for me. But I know people who have had really hard times recovering their credit standing and good name after been affected. An-after-bankruptcy credit report is supposed to be impossible to clear in a short period of time.
Yes, there are all those credit repair agencies and credit building credit cards, the latter being less expensive and not that risky in fact. You can get yourself a plastic for bad credit rating, but it is still a credit card and the risk to accumulate another debt will always chase you.
I suggest a more secure alternative - a prepaid debit card issued by Visa and MasterCard, choose which you like most. It works like a regular credit card, it requires no PIN and there are some perks even.
The best thing about such cards is that you cannot ovespend and can have your payments reported to the national credit bureaus, which will help you rebuild your payment history faster and more easily than if you had a bad credit plastic.
It's time to choose, if your credit requires urgent treatment.

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