Sunday, March 30, 2008

DOOMSDAY - Don't Watch Without an Antivirus

Britain has proved to be on equal footing with Hollywood in film-making. Shaking by its bloody scenes, impressing by its message and pleasing by the perfect play of the actors, Britan's Doomsday has firmly occupied place 2 for me after the Ring.
Its interesting that the film's message is by far more frightening than the hair-raising blood and violence show, where every sickening detail is given so realistically that your hands automatically cover your eyes.
Un unknown pandemic disease affect first Britain and then boardening countries. The government decides to enclose the infected population and leave them die there. But as it appeared later, an immunodefence saved hundreds and they established a new state - a state of the dark days, without order, moral, trust and compassion.
Only violance, where people eat each other just because they faild to catch another hare, bird, dog or rat..
the killing thing in the film is that the disease comes back to the healthy and flourishing part of the country and there is still no antivirus found. So, someone has to be crazy enough to set out to the place of the first outbreak and find and how the virus died out...

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