Thursday, January 3, 2008

Save Time Shopping?

My sister Wendy has been encouraging me to save time and effort when making everyday shopping. I fact it's me who does almost all the shopping for the house and personal needs as well (my husband just hates croweded stores, especially gas stations)and to honestly speaking its starting to get at me, too.
So Wendy suggests I go to online retailers, all of which accept credit cards as payment method. I've never before thought about using my plastic for paying online out of security concerns, but wendy taught me some useful tips how to protect yourself from possible criminals trying to steal your social security or credit card number for fraudulent purposes.
So, before you enter your credit card number or other personal and financial information, make sure the web address of the retailer begins with https and there is a locked padlock at the bottom right of the screen.
The quality of the product you choose and the efficiency of the retailer's service shouldn't be left aside either but the security of your personal and credit information is the first concer.
Dropping the issue of your security and your purchase's quality, convenience and quickness are the guarantee.

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Patricia said...

Thank you for the post! It contains really valuable tips for me as I'm always afraid lest I should fall victim to ID theft or other credit card fraud.