Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Funding Christmas with a Credit Card?

Christmas is not far off and the need for extra money to gladden our relatives and friends with holiday gifts is more urgent than ever. I'm especially pressed for money now as i'm still in debt to a credit company with my car loan.
The Chase credit card I have now won't help much i think, as I use it mostly to buy gas and earn rewards.
So, i'm at a loss as to where i get money... I know i got to have another plastic because there's not enough cash. I know I need to apply for best credit card in terms of cash back and interest so that the deal will give me benefits and not debt when the holiday excitement is gone.
A rather difficult task, isn't it? And who says that life is easy. Lrt's admit it that any holiday is the time not only for joy but big expenditures also.

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